Saturday, October 1, 2016

Back in the Saddle...

If it seemed as though we had dropped off of the face of the earth, perhaps it is because we sort of did. We had a marvelous color class with Lindly Haunani, followed by an adventure in eating to Savannah with her. The day after she went home, I checked into Northside Hospital for some back surgery. Well, the new improved, hardly gimpy at all, Sue is back, after only two and half weeks. We are back in the studio and working more hours each day. I will admit to getting tired, but I’m trying to be here for your needs. Obviously, it is wise to call before driving any distance to see us to make sure we are indeed in.
That being said, we have a bunch of new products out for sale. Primary Elements pigment sets, Silks Acrylic translucent glazes and Pure Mica Minerals with separate ColourArte Medium to mix with the pigments. Ellen has started experimenting with these products and I think you will be excited by the results. We also have seven or eight sets of PanPastels to choose from.
If you haven’t been in to see the retrospective collection in a while, you need to schedule a visit. We have quite a few new pieces. In addition to adding one of her fabulous “shards” necklaces to the collection, Libby Mills brought us a few pieces of Judy Dunn’s work, and a wonderful fish by Dawn Stubitsch that she won at a retreat auction. Mari O’Dell donated an Japanese themed “billet-doux”. Lindly made us two mounted Quilt Squares, a pin from her Sagacious Shale series and an incredible translucent petal necklace.

Cynthia Tinapple is coming next week to teach us the “Secrets of Inlay”. In addition to being the well- known blogger of Polymer Clay Daily, she has been inlaying polymer into wood for years. We have one of her large bowls in the collection, and her home is sprinkled with wonderful caned inlays. Don’t stand still too close to Cynthia or you might end up with a cane slice on your forehead!
We will be closed the last week of October to attend the Kentucky/Tennessee Guilds’ retreat at the Falls of Rough Dam State Park. Ron Lehocky with a few helpers puts on the retreat annually, and his new venue is even better than Mammoth Cave where it used to be held.

Finally, our last class of the year will be November 11-13, 2016. We are hosting Leslie Blackford for three days of fun making a “Winter Woodland Bracelet” and nightlights or lamps. She always has lots of great ideas and sculpting help. This class always amazes me. Everyone always claims they don’t do sculpting, everyone always leaves with a fantastic night light. There is some magic in the air!

 Don't forget to watch the "Upcoming Classes" page for classes coming up next year. If you see something that intrigues you, don't hesitate. Classes are small and fill up quickly.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


We’ve had a wonderful week with Julie Picarello. She taught two wonderful sessions at CJS and is now winging her way back to California to her “day job” as a computer circuit board creator. Julie is such a good teacher and she shared all her techniques, from her style of mokume and ‘lizard tails’ to button blossoms and lunar beads. Our heads are spinning with all our new found knowledge and all I want to do is get back in the studio. Too bad I’ve got to straighten up and get set for Ellen’s two upcoming mokume survey classes. 
Then we have Lindly Haunani, our favorite color-meister, coming for a color class with a twist. We will be making skinner blended “fabric” to make quilt squares for wall hangings. It’s all about getting a palette that sings to you, so your work will make you happy, whether in wall hangings or jewelry. After all, it all starts with color.

There are more pictures with the description on the "Upcoming Classes" page. This class is a great confidence builder if you always struggle with your color choices. 
You will also see the new class description for Cynthia Tinapple's Inlaying Polymer (in anything that will hold still). There are also some new dates to put on your calendar for classes coming in the new year. Ellen has been busy lining up some fantastic classes for 2017....Laura Tabakman, Nikolina Otrzan, Jeff Dever, Sarah Shriver, Lindly Haunani...and we will get the descriptions up when it's time to sign up. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Heads Up!....

Big News!!! We filled Julie Picarello's class so quickly that many of you missed the sign-up. Several people called after the fact and wanted us to squeeze them in. That was something we couldn't do. One of the pluses of Creative Journey is the small class size where the students get lots of attention from the teacher and us. So, what to do? We called Julie and prevailed upon her to add a session. She was willing to change her flight and come early, so we are announcing a new session on Monday thru Wednesday, July 25-27 (10:00-5:00). Check the "upcoming classses" page to see the details of the class. Also, don't miss out on Lindly's class in September---it's already filling up.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Hotlanta" ....

I think this week "Hotlanta" is living up to its name. We got through the rain at the start of Meisha's class without a lot of fuss, had a couple pretty days and now all h... is breaking loose. Luckily we have air-conditioning and we can stay cool while we bake our polymer creations! We had a great class with Meisha Barbee and one of the nice benefits of her visit was a restock of her display in the gallery. 

We also got a box of goodies from Kim Korringa for the gallery, and brought back new batches of work from Jeanette Kandray, Laurie Prophater, Libby Mills, Alison Gallant, Diane McNamee and Ron Lehocky from our retreat up in Virginia. We added some new pieces to the Collection, thanks to the auction at the retreat. So many reasons for a visit….
Our next class is with Melanie Muir. She’ll be here June 10th for three days of mokume fun. It’s a technique driven class with her shards necklace as a goal. She will be talking about design and construction as well. It will be interesting to get a European point of view.

In July, Julie Picarello comes to Creative Journey to share her take on mokume. There seems to be a trend here! We’ll have a full weekend of “lazy rivers”, button blossoms and lunar beads.

Finally, in August, Ellen Prophater is doing two weekends of mokume madness. There are only five spots in each class, so there is space to spread out your veneer samples. One of the highlights of the weekend will be creating your own pattern tools to impress your mokume stacks. 

Finally, we’ll end the summer with a labor day celebration of color with Lindly Haunani. Lindly has been quilting up a storm and decided to translate her color studies to polymer quilt squares. How fun to decorate your home with “quilted” wallhangings! This might be a quilt I could finish! Call soon to sign up for your annual color fix! Don’t procrastinate and be sad because the class fills without you. Remember that our classes are small and intimate, but that means they fill quickly. Sadly, we can’t  squeeze you in. Sometimes the teachers will allow us to offer a second session  and we make a waiting list to see if that works out.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Feels like summer...

The weather in Atlanta is incredible at the moment. We had a fabulous week with Bettina Welker. She definitely had heads spinning, and I think everyone will be playing in their studios with all their new found knowledge. She was in Dallas for the weekend and then headed back to Germany. It was a wonderful visit---not only a well-planned class, but fun meals, a few trips to Collet’s and a little German practice (hence my new name –“Liebe Susi”). We had a lot of our old friends in attendance…from New York, Connecticut, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama and Kentucky, as well as a few semi-locals. We had the fun of adding three new ladies to our CJS family….from Illinois, Massachusetts and South Carolina. Three brought their spouses with them and one, her mom, for a little mini vacation – what a great idea!

We had a bunch of new products to tempt everyone. I think Oyumaru, the Japanese molding material, was a big hit, especially after Bettina showed a few cool tricks with it. We all discovered Genesis Paints. I’ve restocked on Swellegant after that part of the class emptied the shelves. The KorTools were a hit and I’ll be restocking those this next week. Everyone enjoyed using the clay donated by Staedtler Canada (Thanks, Gail!) and many headed home with bulging bags of Fimo.

We are gearing up for Meisha Barbee’s class. Be sure to check the upcoming class page for the full description of Meisha’s, Melanie Muir’s and Julie Picarello’s classes. Don’t procrastinate and get disappointed when the class is full. That happens! Meisha is going to working in a more subdued, classy palette and has some new tricks for creating textures.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Has Spring sprung?

It's almost spring (Boy, are we ready!) and we are having beautiful weather that is inspiring us to restock and straighten, clean up piles of junk, finish up old projects and get ready for another year of classes and fun. We just hosted the GAPCG(Atlanta guild) for their Shop Hop. They had lunch at Aqua Terra and then spent the afternoon with us. Ellen demoed a bunch of wonderful products we carry in the store and had the ladies' heads spinning. Make yourself a promise to come for a visit and get the grand tour!

Be sure to look at the upcoming classes page for the latest class news. If you see something you like, don't hesitate until there is no space. Give me a call and get your name on the list before the class fills. Your check or charge holds your spot so you won't be disappointed. We have students from all over the country flying in to attend, and we only have ten spots, unless we are able to schedule a second session, so heed the warning...."she who hesitates, is lost!".
Bettina Welker's class is coming up....actually two sessions in April. Both are full but I am taking a waiting list. Next up is Meisha Barbee, who has come up with a fresh new look to expand your polymer knowledge.

We have a nice display of Meisha's work in the gallery if you are not familiar with her wonderful pendants and earrings. I know once you have seen her work, you will want to take her class. (more pictures on the "upcoming class" page).
In June, we are very excited to have Melanie Muir coming in for two sessions. She is expanding on her Shards Necklace class with a personal design clinic to help you with your own design decisions and construction problems thrown in, along with her special mokume gane variations.

Next, in July, we have a visit with Julie Picarello. Julie was one of our first instructors, way back when!, so we are very excited to offer her amazing expertise.

August will see Ellen Prophater (with twisted arm!) offering two weekend sessions of her small (limited to 5 students) class on Mokume Gane variations. Ellen likes the class to have room to spread out and to get lots of attention. She has a lot to share and the classes will be jam-packed!
Lindly is busy developing a new class for us and will be down in September to help us celebrate our birthdays and teach an exciting class. We'll post a description as soon as it is available.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winter Wonderland?

We haven't had much winter, but what we have had, has been brutal for all of us "southern" hot house flowers! The lake level (which we watch avidly) has been incredibly high all season, even as the Corp of Engineers lets water flow down the river with great gusto. As we cross the dam going to and from Buford, we watch the digital sign and follow the level.

We are 'holding our breath' for all the retreats that are going on at the moment. We hope the snow and ice will hold off and everyone can go and get back home without an issue. We usually travel to the Buckeye Bash at this time of the year, and while it is great fun, we still have too clear a memory of the ice and snow last year. We also contemplated attending Arlene Groch's Clayathon in New Jersey. I guess we are just chicken in our 'old age'. If our magic wands were functioning better, we might have considered going. I know everyone is having a blast! The organizers do a fabulous job at these retreats and we are sad to miss out.

In the meantime we are gearing up for Bettina Welker to arrive. She has filled up two classes in April. She will survey her wide variety of techniques which promises to be awe inspiring! As a graphics designer, she has a wide breadth of looks to expound upon. I'm looking forward to seeing the resultant sampler necklaces....along with the happy faces!

We have rescheduled Leslie for November, after her water pipe/ basement debacle. Having had a disaster in our basement, I felt her pain....and I know she was disappointed, but she'll be back in the fall for all her fans! 

In the meantime, we are planning a bunch of other classes and the descriptions will go up on the "upcoming classes" page, as soon as the teachers get them to us! Meisha Barbee is coming in May, Melanie Muir -- in June, Julie Picarello -- in July, and Lindly Haunani -- in September! The classes will fill quickly! 

The clay shelves are all restocked. We have all the Kor Tools stamps, rollers and edge rollers in stock. (and flying out the door!) Ellen has been busy making samples with inks, paints and textures. There is lots to see and drool over. Perhaps you need to plan a trip....lunch in town and then an afternoon of shopping. If you have a group of friends who want to shop, let us set up a special time for you! We are willing to come in to accommodate your schedule if you are driving thru Atlanta and want to stop by! We always suggest that you call to make sure we are here and we are always happy to help husbands shop so they come home with what you want!